Bottiglia Collio Bianco Just Molamatta

Doc Friuli Just Molamatta
Marco Felluga

White Wines

The wine’s name, “Molamatta”, comes from the vineyards’ geographic location.



Straw yellow color. When young, it is characterized by an elegant bouquet of fresh fruit, developing sweet hints of apple and pear over time. Round and well-balanced taste, with fruity and, at the same time, mineral hints.



Friuli DOC


Type of Soil

The Collio’s hilly terrain. This soil type, called Flysch in Italian and Ponca in the Friulian dialect, is characterized by the stratification of marl and sandstone. It formed during the Eocene period and was once part of the ocean floor. The resulting soil is rich in minerals and, supported by an important temperature range, it lends sapidity and minerality to the wines and is ideal for white grape varietals.


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All hand picked

Doctor Wine 90/100