Our Refosco according to Forbes

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We’re glad to announce that we have been featured by the renowned magazine Forbes for a special about Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso.
Here’s how our Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso Ronco dei Moreri 2015 Marco Felluga has been described:
“When Refosco ages, it seems to me, the fruit turns dense and quieter and more concentrated, maybe drier like fruit leather, but always with colorful brightness that makes the tertiary less obvious. Recently, at just past six years old, a sample of 2015 Marco Felluga “Ronco dei Moreri” Refosco dal Pedunculo Rosso, Giulia IGT, came my way, easier drinking from these hills like the former two largely made of the local ponca, friably layered marl and sandstone, alkaline soils with little organic matter — for meatier tannins. It was at first pour woodsy, then peppery, cured black fruit like olives, savory, profound and flush with brightness to lend coherence: complex and seemingly weighty even at 13% abv, its identity was also acidity.”
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