Luca Maroni’s annual report of the best Italian wines

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Luca Maroni’s annual report of the best Italian wines awards us again.
Luca Maroni, internationally renowned sensory analyst, and his sister Francesca Romana – CEO of Sens s.r.l. -, write as follows:
“The value of the Russiz Superiore range of wines is really high.
Now of exceptional concentration, in the Collio Sauvignon Riserva 2018 and in the Collio Pinot Grigio 2021, now of exemplary palatal softness, in the Collio Pinot Bianco 2021 and in the Collio Friulano 2021.
In more than one case of olfactory splendor unoxidized by high transformative enology, in the case of Collio Sauvignon 2021 and the balsamic, very persuasive Collio Bianco Col Disôre 2018. Never before so performing, the Riserva degli Orzoni 2015 reveals itself as a great wine.
The best among the Italian whites of the year is the mellow, balsamic Pinot Bianco Riserva 2018 with its stupendous softness on the palate worthy of a grand cru from Alsace. Chapeau.”
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