Sauvignon Riserva is the third best wine in the world

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We did it again: our COLLIO SAUVIGNON RISERVA 2016 RUSSIZ SUPERIORE is the third BEST WINE IN THE WORLD according to Vinepair, the most followed digital platform by wine lovers.
The wine critics describe it as follows:
“The northeastern Italian DOC of Collio Goriziano in Friuli-Venezia Giulia has historically been known for Pinot Grigios and Friulanos (also known as Sauvignon Vert), but it has more recently received overdue recognition for its stellar Sauvignon Blanc wines. One sip of Russiz Superiore’s Sauvignon Collio, and you’ll understand why. Its earthy, slightly savory palate offers a nice alternative to the New Zealand-style, pyrazine-forward Savvy B Americans are familiar with, offering highly-concentrated notes of bright tomato and aromatic basil. With a mineral-rich texture, it’s the perfect match for a caprese salad with lots of flaky sea salt.”
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