Forbes: Marco Felluga, a true innovator in Friuli

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Forbes: Marco Felluga, a true innovator in Friuli

John Mariani, author and journalist, one of the most influential American food-wine critic, calls Marco Felluga “a true innovator in Friuli”.

The article is published on Forbes, among the most authoritative journal on economy, innovation and culture, following the meeting between the journalist and Roberto Felluga, who visited the United States together with his daughter Ilaria.

A family history that Mariani traces through the description of some emblematic wines, as Collio Pinot Grigio Mongris Riserva 2016 – a variety that is widespread in the USA but which, underlines, “the Felluga wines outpace them all for quality” – the Collio Bianco Col Disôre 2016 , the Collio Pinot Bianco Riserva 2015, the Collio Pinot Grigio 2016 and the Collio Cabernet Franc 2016 Russiz Superiore.

John Mariani concludes by saying “quality hangs on attention to detail” and this is the hallmark of the six generations of Marco Felluga’s family.


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